Saturday, June 8, 2013

An Open Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

An Open Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff; For reference, the article I refer to is located here: The title itself is pretty damming of today’s “military.” Of course, we all know that the Fort Hood mass-murderer was looked at for radical Islamic sayings but it was determined that he was “not a threat.” How about now? There were others who did not report his conduct because they were afraid of being targeted for “discrimination,” or appearing anti-Islamic. That is a fact, one even you cannot dispute. The President, the one who swore to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…” now calls it “work place violence.” And you people let him. We KNOW that he studied at the same radicalized Mosque as TWO of the 9/11 hijackers; that fact was known at the time. And you didn’t care. When Maj. Stephen Coughlin wrote “To Our Great Detriment,” you people fired him. What was his great crime? Why, he simply pointed out what the jihadists were saying … in their own words. Tell me; did you actually bother to … oh, I don’t know … READ that thesis? I did, and it was quite the eye-opener. I wrote to you about it at the time … never did get a reply. Too afraid to take your PC blinders off? And now we come to MSgt. Nathan Sommers who is facing retribution for what he reads. Not what he writes (you ignored the mass-murderers works,) not what he preaches (you ignored that too,) but what he reads. Of course, to be fair, I must point out that years back a Muslim Cleric was supposed to arrive at Sheppard AFB. He never did arrive, but his reading materials did. I read them. There were two books that were anti-American and preached jihad … openly. I informed the Director of TNEIN of it, he and his staff determined that the Cleric needed scrutiny. I attempted to tell the Col. about it, frankly, I thought the man’s head would explode. But this MSgt. is being punished for reading Rush Limbaugh?!? The last time I checked, he wasn’t preaching jihad or killing Americans. Same for Messrs Hannity and Levin. Tell me, if a soldier were noted reading “Heather has two Mommies,” what would happen? I’ll go out on a branch and tell you … nothing. Not one damn thing. And that is sad. You people, the Joint Chiefs also took an oath to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…” Are you? Or is the rot of political correctness too firmly rooted there? Sirs, you shame me. I am ashamed that I once was in Basic Training at Fort Dix. I am now ashamed that I once wore my Countries Uniform. And I am ashamed by your actions … and inactions. You once stated that you had honour. Therefore, on the honour you purport to have I hereby legally order you to resign or commit seppuku. You have 30 days. The above was sent to the JCoS on this date immediately before being posted here. I am awaiting a reply that I doubt will ever come. And that too is sad.