Friday, July 9, 2010

Maxell Corp.

Time for that full disclosure thing: There is no relationship between myself and Maxell Corp. However, I do use their DVD-RWs for backing up files and data.

Some years ago, while I was living in Texas, I purchased a 15 disc spindle of DVD-RWs at my local Wal-Mart. I purchased the RWs because it allows you to write, erase, and re-write. The 15 discs had all been working perfectly until my last attempted backup which was Thursday of last week. And then two of them flatly refused to work. The other 13, however, worked perfectly.

So, I called Maxell's Customer Support centre. I knew the media has a life-time warranty, so I was calling to ask about replacements.

Imagine my surprise when the gentleman I spoke with offered to ship me two discs at no charge, and without my returning the defective ones (which have since been broken into itty-bitty bits and thrown into the garbage.)

The two discs arrived yesterday (Thank you!) and are working perfectly.

Needless to say, the next time I need to purchase recordable media, it'll be Maxell.

Heard on Sean Hannity's Radio Program

I happened to catch part of the Sean Hannity radio program yesterday and today. Part of it because I've been doing other things.

For the past two days, Mr Hannity has been covering what Mr Shabazz said about "killing crackers."

If you remember, I wrote about it on 3-JUN

It's nice to Mr Hannity's covering it. When I first heard it I nearly fell out of my socks!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A one-minute rant

One minute. Counting from now. ::ding::

You know something I really hate?? Unsolicited mail. Yes, US mail as well as the electronic kind. Give me more than 60 sec...


Oh, Sez you! ::climbing on the soapbox:: I really hate those "pre-approved" credit offers as well as those "other" offers that are "per-approved."

[Blogspot: "Now just one moment! You said a on..."
[Me: "I lied. Sue me later. I'm gonna climb on my soapbox!"
[Blogspot: "I'm gonna remember you said that!!"
[Me: "I'm sure you will. Now please allow me to post this, OK? I think you might like it too."
[Blogspot: "Are they xxx-rated pictures?"
[Me: "NO!!"
[Blogspot: "Damn you! But say what you wanna say. I'll find some way to get even with you later."
[Me: "I'm sure you will." ]

For instance, it wasn't all that long ago that a cat (yes, a CAT) was "pre-approved" for a credit card. Here's that link:

If THAT weren't bad enough, a tree (yes, a TREE) was offered his/her/its own credit card. Here's that link:

Yes, even a DOG was issued his own "pre-approved" card:

That should tell you something. But, and now I beg of you, please allow me to ask you a few questions:

Given what I'm about to tell you as a given, please consider the questions in this context:

1) Do the companies that send out unsolicited bulk US mail use recycled paper?
2) Do those companies know how much bulk unsolicited commercial US mail is sent per year?
3) Do those companies know (or care!) how much their unsolicited commercial mail is sent to the dumpster?
4) Do those companies care about how much petrol (gasoline) is used delivering their unwanted mail?

I just thought I'd ask...