Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Open Letter to Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Dear Rep. Kucinich;

Mr. Kucinich; for reference, my correspondence with you today will focus on several articles both in newspaper and in Internet form.

Sir, I do realize that I am not in your district, therefore the odds of my actually hearing from you are somewhere along the lines of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) actually producing a black hole. Yes, it is possible in theory and on paper. However, according to the equations, the odds against this are several hundred trillion to one against. Possible? Yes, in theory. Likely? It could happen but almost certainly not before our universe ends. The equations are complex and (at least to a physicist) beautiful, but they aren’t for the faint of heart. Which leads me to explain why I’m contacting you today.

The next part of my letter to you will reference the article located here:

As you can tell, it’s about your suing the cafeteria due to an olive pit in your meal. Mr. Kucinich, if a simple olive pit is going to sideline you, I shudder to think of how you’d react to some of the vitriol that no doubt makes its way into your email box. No doubt, you’d need an entire team of therapists to deal with it … and that is assuming you see it to begin with.

And this is the part that’s going to lead you (or one of your ilk) to possibly plunder my records yet again. I say yet again because it wasn’t only “Joe the Plumber’s” records that were plundered when he dared to question Mr. Obama. I wrote about it on my blog and I’ve no doubt that my records were also plundered. Do I know this and can I prove it? No. To both questions. However, when I dared to confront the AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees) about their ‘tea-bagger’ advert, they sent me to a web site that doesn’t exist (and still doesn’t as of this writing) and then quietly deep-sixed it.

Allow me to level the playing field Mr Kucinich by taking both of your favourite playing cards off the table. These are the race card and the gender card. Here is a link to something I’m now very tired of reposting:

Those are the facts and they haven’t changed since before the 2008 election. Those two cards are now off the table. I’m now going to mention health care reform, but again, I’m going to level the playing field. Your anti-reform card is off the table as well. Here is that link:

On that posting, I gave Ms Miller three different chances to find one fact that is wrong. Only one. Mr Kucinich, I never heard from her.

But now your three favourite cards are off the table. For review, these are the race card, the gender card, and the anti-health care reform card. You cannot call any of these cards into play.

But I do have a couple of very serious questions for you, Mr Kucinich.

First, did you read the health care reform bill in its entirety?

Second, are you aware that the bill Mr Obama signed does indeed require me to pay to help fund abortions? As a Born-Again Christian (and this is where I take your ‘idiot’ card away … for that see the 5 facts article) I cannot morally agree with this. Again, Mr Kucinich your ‘idiot’ card is off the table.

I’m also going to take away your name-calling card and request that you (and I as well) follow Mr Obama’s call for civility.

Again, for review, your favourite playing cards (race, gender, anti-reform, idiot and name-calling) are off the table. You cannot call them into play.

My next question is are you aware that after 5 years at the same job you’ll be required to purchase the ObamaCare?

Next, are you aware that the bill Mr Obama signed requires me to pay a fine or face jail time unless I purchase the new ObamaCare?

And Mr Kucinich, if Mr Obama’s healthcare bill is so wonderful and will fix so many things and isn’t “onerous” then why has the list of waivers grown to over 700?

Mr Kucinich, I’m going to leave you by quoting from Jack Webb as he played Det. Sgt. Joe Friday in Dragnet.

“That isn’t what you told the investigating officers at the scene, fella.”

“Well, I had to protect myself. You understand, don’tcha?

“I understand that either you lied to the investigating officers or you’re lying to us now. Now how about it?”

“You want the truth, don’t you? Well you’re getting it. The least you could do is try to believe it.”

“You make it kind of hard to buy.”

Now how about it, Mr Kucinich? I await what in all probability will be a long and echoing silence.