Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MINUTE MAID (the Coca-Cola Company) CAUGHT!!

Aren't you dammed sick and tired of companies reducing the size of their products and keeping the price the same? I sure am. Some time back I caught Wal-Greens doing it with their Jumbo Sunflower Seeds. 16 oz became 13 oz and the price stayed the same. Now it's Minute Maid's (the Coca-Cola Company) turn. A 128 fl oz jug of their Orange Juice (UPC 0 25000 05557 7) has become an 89 fl oz jug (UPC 0 25000 05186 9) and the price ... exactly the same. The liberals call me stupid (and a few other names) and my sister has said my heart is "...filled with hate..." BUT ...and I know my math skills are deficient (my ex-wife has said so) but ... nearly 30% less product for the exact same price. HELLOOOOOOOOOO .... I told them I didn't want a form letter. I am now waiting for 1) A form letter 2) Silence 3) A statement saying that this is what the Customers wanted. (ie - a form letter) Aren't you dammed sick and tired??? Contact them! 1 800 888 6488 or https://secure.thecoca-colacompany.com/ssldocs/mail/eQuery_other.shtml Bastards.