Thursday, August 25, 2011

UPDATE on Steve Chabot "town hall"

The link:

Well, as it turns out, the "town hall" meeting in which police seized several cameras ... I'm going to quote from the article:

" But David Little, a Cincinnati Democrat working with ProgressOhio, a liberal organization, and Liz Ping, a Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for the Ohio House last year, were taking video at the event. Little was using an iPhone video camera while Ping, who was taping the meeting for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was using a flip video camera mounted on a stand. About 100 persons were present – most of whom were clearly not supporters of the 1st District Republican congressman." (emphasis added)

But that still doesn't change what I said earlier. "If we're to be damned, let's be damned for what we really are." to paraphrase a famous saying.

In other words, if Mr Chabot conducts himself to the level (or above the level) that we've come to expect from Democrats (a la Mr Kanjorski lying, Mr Weiner's ... erm ... weiner-gate, Mr Ethridge's accosting that young man and grabbing him by the neck ... need I go on?)

Article: "Jewelry heist is a bust for 'clown' robbers"

The link:,0,2807700.story

" DENVER – Police in Denver were on the lookout Thursday for two gun-waving jewelry store robbers who threatened to shoot employees and customers.

" As it turns out, the joke was on the two clowns who robbed Sonny's Rocks on South Colorado Blvd. Wednesday morning. " (Links are KDVR's and are left intact.)

" Sonny’s Rocks Jewelry Store, like most jewelry stores, no longer displays real jewelry, a change the store made when the price of precious metals and gems started going up a few years ago. " (emphasis added)

I honestly didn't know that. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. With gold trading at $1,726 per ounce(*) it makes a LOT of sense!

I'm just glad that the robbers didn't hurt anybody. Emotionally, I'm sure that several if not most of the customers (and employees) were shaken, I thank God that nobody was hurt or killed. Gold, although it is expensive, is still not nearly worth the cost of somebody's life.

Although the robbers got a bunch of junk, I do wish I was a fly on the wall as they tried to sell their loot to a fence. "You're jokin', right? What the hell're you two tryin' t' pull?"

"Whaddya mean?"

"THIS SH*T'S WORTHLESS! It's junk! Fake gold, fake stones!"

" (censored) "

(*) -

Hurricane Irene


As of this writing (09:57hrs on 25-AUG-2011) Hurricane Irene is a Cat 3 storm and is still on course for … we’re not yet sure. Exactly (See tracks above.)

But that brings up something that happened during Hurricane Katrina, and happens all too frequently.

If you remember, in the hours and days after Katrina roared ashore, numerous "charities" sprang up claiming to represent honest charity groups and organizations. These "charities" (I'm trying not to spit as I write that, because these are criminals. Plain and simple. If it were up to me, I'd jail every last one of them ... and put them to work at hard labour. They are, in my opinion, among the lowest of the low.) claimed to be collecting monies for the Red Cross and other legitimate charities, and then ran off.

Beware, my friends, because although this is another of those 'duh' moments, the same thing will happen after Irene makes landfall.

The American Red Cross ( has on its website a list of their chapters, as well as ways to spot thieves.

If you do donate to charity (I hope you do!), give only to legitimate charities, such as the American Red Cross. (As an aside, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have no relationship in any way with the American Red Cross. I do donate money to them, but that is all.)

Beware of those who call you and claim to be involved with legitimate charities. Ask questions! The real charities won't mind this. The bogus ones will. Visit their website (if they have one.) Beware also of emails which you might receive which also claim to be collecting money for the Red Cross (or any other charities.)

And if they claim to be collecting money for the Red Cross, consider giving the money directly to the Red Cross. (Again, the Red Cross and other legitimate charities have on their respective sites addresses and locations where you can give money and other items. They will also tell you with whom they do business, and what other charities collect money and other items for them.)

But please be cautious.

Although there are many legitimate organizations that do collect money and other items for the Red Cross and other charities, (yes, another 'duh' moment) we're about to be inundated with scams and criminals claiming to do the same thing.

Please, please be careful.

One final note on this subject: I've named the Red Cross several times. And they are an excellent legitimate charity that does wonderful work. But they're not the only one, to be sure.

There are many other legitimate charities out there that also do wonderful work. If you do

donate to charity (I hope you do!) consider also giving to them.

We're all in this together.


My thoughts, indeed my prayers, go out to you. If you can leave on your own, please do so when (IF!) ordered to do so. If you do need assistance, contact a charity or your local authorities to see about getting assistance to evacuate. Take only what you need, and please don't forget to take your important papers with you. (These include your passport, birth certificate for yourself and family members, bank account information, and so on. Also, your Social Security Card, Driver's License (or State ID,) and other such documents.)

The reason I mentioned that is because there are even lower people out there who will loot stores and homes. And some of those are identity thieves.

Please be careful, and I will hold you in my prayers.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Open Letter to Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH)

Mr Chabot;

For reference, this is the article I will be calling your attention to:

Before I go too deeply into my letter to you, I thought I’d give you the opportunity to explain yourself. I realize I’m not in your district, therefore the odds of my hearing from you are somewhere along the lines of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) actually producing a black hole. It is possible in theory and on paper; but I shouldn’t like to hold my breath waiting for it to happen. The odds? 1 over “n” where “n” is the number of molecules in the given area. In the room you were in, 1 over n^810 (n to the 810th power.) (In simple terms 1 over 1 followed by 809 zeros.) (This includes the people and the estimated volume of air in the given area.) In other words, the universe will have to end before it happens.

As the universe will have to end before your stupid request makes sense. One of your own staffers told Think Progress (A LIBERAL blog) that they wanted to “prevent” people from “making a show.”

Mr Chabot, are you that afraid of your constituents? It is a valid question. Are you that afraid of what they have to say? Pardon me for saying this; but that’s conduct I’ve come to expect from Democrats, including my own sister who simply refuses to hear any criticism of her “chosen one,” the Obamessiah. I’ve offered FOUR TIMES to show her PROOF that what she believes is wrong, yet she refuses to see it.

As you, it sadly appears, simply cannot be bothered to hear from the people you allegedly represent. As I said; this is something I expect from a Democrat. For reference, you might wish to read this:

My IQ is 127 according to my fourth standardized IQ test in the past eleven months (3 tests in a year makes it statistically accurate.) That score, 127, is three points shy of “gifted,” so if you do bother to reply, you’d best make sense. While standard lines and talking points will work fine against others, they fail miserably against me.

So, Mr Chabot, do you dare to reply? I await what will, in all probability, be an echoing silence.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Article: " New data spill shows risk of online health records "

The link:

" SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Until recently, medical files belonging to nearly 300,000 Californians sat unsecured on the Internet for the entire world to see.

" There were insurance forms, Social Security numbers and doctors' notes. Among the files were summaries that spelled out, in painstaking detail, a trucker's crushed fingers, a maintenance worker's broken ribs and one man's bout with sexual dysfunction. "

I'm of two minds on this. First, I do understand and in cases agree with health records being available online - when properly secured.

Think of it this way: A nature enthusiast goes into another state to hike a nature trail. She's wearing a medic alert bracelet with an RFID chip inside it. The chip contains her medical history, including her previous three broken ribs and a severe allergy to penicillin.

She gets injured somehow and is rushed to the local hospital. In the ER one of the people there scans her bracelet and discovers the allergy to penicillin ... just as the ER attending doctor was about to inject her with it.

It could happen, couldn't it? In this case I can't absolutely say that the bracelet saved her life, but I can say it saved her from a severe allergic reaction and possibly lift-threatening injection.

But as the article itself goes on to say later " "Even the most well-designed systems are not safe. ... This case is a good example of how the human element is the weakest link." "

You can say that again. I remember in the original Jurassic Park movie a line about how the people who recreated the dinosaurs were so interested and so fixed on seeing if they could do it that they never stopped to think if they should. Granted, that is a really bad paraphrase, but you get the idea.

Microsoft also suffered from this in some of their earlier OS', at least according to Steve Gibson. They would put something in the OS just to be able to say "Well Windows does that too!"

But they never stopped to think about how such code could be misused. Just as the people responsible for this data apparently never bothered to properly secure it.

I'm not stupid and I'll be the first to admit that there is no such thing as a 100 per cent safe computer. Well, time for that full disclosure thing: There is such a thing as a 100 per cent safe computer, but it can't be hooked up to the web and you can't transfer documents to it. For a complete reading, go here:
In this case that safe computer is nearly useless.

But these people take the cake: " He [Identity Finder researcher Aaron Titus]called the breach "likely a case of felony stupidity." "

I'd also call it a case of not bothering to think about the ramifications of having data on the Internet.

" The data were "available to anyone in the world with half a brain and access to Google," Titus says. "

Um...yeah. It makes me think (and wonder) about my medical data.

Article: Tea Party Group Slams Rep. Waters over 'Straight to Hell' Outburst

The link:

" "We've had Democrats calling American citizens 'terrorists' and 'hostage takers,' and now an elected Democratic representative says that we can 'go straight to hell.' The president and all leaders of the Democratic Party, who have called for civility in the past, are neglecting to censure their own. Is civility only required from their opponents?" they asked in a statement. "Perhaps it's time for a new-NEW era of civility. ... The president's silence on these latest violations of civility has been deafening, but not surprising." " (emphasis and colour added)

It's a valid question, isn't it? Seriously, isn't it a valid question?

You and I both know that if I were to say Ms. Waters could go "...straight to hell," the FBI, the CIA, the DHS (Department of Hussein's Sycophants) and other 3-letter agencies would be here in about 2 seconds.

Civility for me, but not for thee Mr Obama? How about it, Dems? Please answer the question without resorting to the race card, the gender card, the name calling card or the belittling card. Or telling me or others that our hearts are filled with hate. Think you can do that?

I didn't think so.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Obama blames..."

... everybody else. This time, he blames Congress.

" In remarks recorded on Wednesday on his campaign-style bus tour in Illinois and aired during his holiday in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Obama said the stalled construction, trade and payroll tax bills could give a boost to the economy." (Link is Reuters' and is left intact.)

But I would like to point something out " ... on his campaign-style bus tour ... "

Apparently, Reuters didn't get the Obama Admin's talking point that the bus tour was absolutely not a campaign trip. Nor should it have looked like one.

But do a Google search for "Obama"


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Cell Phones are a Civil Right?!?

The link:

" Recently, a federal government program called the Universal Service Fund came to the Keystone State and some residents are thrilled because it means they can enjoy 250 minutes a month and a handset for free, just because they don't have the money to pay for it. "

That Universal Service Fund is something those with cell phones pay ... for others who can't afford cell phones to get them ... for free. On your dime.

Read the entire stomach-churning article for yourself. Socialism?

" The telecommunications companies like Verizon and AT&T want more paying customers, but their desire to reform their deal with the feds dovetails nicely with the political ideology of the current FCC chairman Julian Genachowski, who like all Obama administration flunkies sees 'rights' where others see 'priviledges'. " (bold and italics added)

2006 versus 2011

In 2006, then-Senator Barack Obama said that "...raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure." And, he voted against doing so ... as did every other Democrat.

Just pointing that out.

MSNBC: Are Tea Partiers Delusional?

The link:

" Bashir later asked: "So you're saying that they are delusional about the past and adamant about the future?"

"They are adamant about achieving something that's unachievable, which reminds us of a couple of things. It reminds us of delusion and psychosis," Peele responded. "

Something that's "unachievable?" I want the government to live within its means. That's "unachievable?"

I want Mr Obama to move away from his socialist policies. I'll concede that one to the "expert."

But my wanting the government to live within its means and not overtax the American People makes me delusional?

Dr Peele thinks he can diagnose me without having seen me in person, without knowing anything about me except that I'm a Tea Party supporter.

How's that for delusional?

WH spin cycle: Spin, spin, and spin again. Repeat.

The link:

I have to take strong exception to what the White House mouthpiece said today. He said (to paraphrase) that when President TelePrompTer came into office that many economists were saying we were heading for a depression.

It’s true that some were. I was. But if you remember, getting President TelePrompTer elected was supposed to fix the economy. He was the saviour in the saviour-based economy. His getting (without earning in my opinion) the Nobel Prize was supposed to fix everything. It was supposed to improve America’s “bad” standing in the world. It didn’t quite work out that way, did it?

Now it is true that President Obama did inherit a bad economy. I’ve never said otherwise. But how far into Mr Obama’s term are we? And things haven’t gotten better, they’ve gotten worse.

But the spinning doesn’t, and won’t, stop there. On the front page of the Drudge Report as of this writing (see screenshot below) is this line where Mr Obama said “I didn’t say change we can believe in tomorrow.”

Now that’s all well and good. But many people were hoping that Mr Obama’s “change we need” and “change we can believe in” and “hope” were promising that if only we’d elect him, he’d fix everything quickly.

But things haven’t gotten better, they’ve gotten worse.

Therefore, I have to ask: is it just barely possible that he’s made a bad situation worse? Be very careful with your answer. If you answer no, then … well, we’ve covered that ground before, haven’t we?

Is it just barely possible that he might possibly bear some blame for the bad economy? Notice the way that’s phrased: “ … just barely possible … “ and “ … might possibly bear some blame … “ The way the question is phrased I’m not saying he does: I’m asking if it’s possible.

It’s no secret that I don’t like Mr Obama’s policies, I never have. I’ve never stated otherwise, either. I was willing to give him a chance on fixing the economy (and everything else) because morally it’s the right thing to do and because he was the President.

Things didn’t work out that way. We’re now in a double-dip recession, since the “first” one ended (in theory) in 2009. In reality, I don’t believe it ever ended. Many people, myself included, believe we’re now on the brink of a depression.

Obama’s policies have, in my opinion, made an already bad situation worse.eady bad situation worse.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AP: "Northeast braces for temps near boiling point"

Yes, you read that correctly. There's just one slight problem.

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is 100 degrees Celsius. And that's at one atmosphere of pressure (sea level.) It's 373.15 degrees Kelvin for instance.

Given all the pontification they were doing during the RatherGate Affair about their "layers of fact-checking" which I believe was the exact phrase that was used, I rather expect them to pick up on small details such as this.

Perhaps, as one of the comments on the page noted, they're too busy digging up dirt on Ms Palin's upcoming book. Or, perhaps they're too busy repeating the Democrat's talking points about the Tea Party people being "terrorists" or as the President has said "holding a gun to the heads of the American People."

Civility for me but not for thee, Mr Obama?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Joe Biden: Tea Partiers "acted like terrorists."

The link:

" Vice President Joe Biden joined House Democrats in lashing tea party Republicans Monday, accusing them of having "acted like terrorists" in the fight over raising the nation’s debt limit, according to several sources in the room. " (Link is Politico's and is left intact.)

" ... having acted like terrorists ... " Let's see:

Did I; blow up government buildings like Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground did? Nope.
Did I; murder innocent people as Maj. Hasan did at Fort Hood? Nope.
Did I; hide a bomb in my underwear and try to blow up a plane? Nope.
Did I; hide a bomb in my shoe and try to blow up a plane? Nope.
Did I; strap a bomb to myself and try to blow up the Space Needle? Nope.

But because I'm for fiscal reform, I'm the "terrorist?" Did I miss something?

" We have negotiated with terrorists," an angry [Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA)] said, according to sources in the room. "This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money."

Apparently, these two men missed Mr Obama's calls to tone down the rhetoric after Rep. Giffords was shot. Either that, or they just don't give a damn. More of "Do as I say - not as I do!"

" Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) called it a "Satan sandwich," and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) called seemed to enjoy the heat analogy, saying: "the Tea Partiers and the GOP have made their slash and burn lunacy clear, and while I do not love this compromise, my vote is a hose to stop the burning. The arsonists must be stopped. "

So now I'm an arsonist, too?

Now how about it, Dems? You tone down your rhetoric.