Monday, December 24, 2012

An Open Letter to Speaker Boehner

Mr Speaker;

This letter to you is about the future of our Republic. There are various sources that state that you and/or others (at your behest) removed certain Conservative members from various committees. That scares the hell out of me, and you Mr Speaker, scare the hell out of me.

I want serious answers to the following questions, and a form letter won’t do it. But, even a lack of reply (and any reply you might make) will be posted on my blog which is located at

1) Every time “revenues (ie; taxes)” have increased, new programs have been created.

a. If you answer “no” or “unsure” then I know you’re a liar. History is your guide to this.

2) The “lockbox” of Social Security has been raided repeatedly, its monies used for other things.

a. If you answer “no” or “unsure” then I know you’re a liar. Again, history is your guide.

3) The long-term actuarial deficits for both Social Security and Medicare increased substantially in 2012 (*1), although for different reasons. Both of them can be tied, at least indirectly to Obama’s policies. Simply check the link for the facts.

4) 47% of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax. That leaves 53% to pick up the tab.(*2)

a. The vast majority of these people are either elderly or are paying payroll tax (28.3%.)

b. Federal Income Tax is just part of the picture. To get the complete picture, you need to factor in State and Local taxes (including sales taxes, ballot taxes, etc.) These taxes tend to be regressive and actually hit lower-income groups hardest. When these taxes are factored in, some people are now paying over 50% of their income in taxes. (*3)

Mr Speaker, those are the facts. Another fact is that the deficit increased more under Obama in not quite four years than it did in the eight years under Bush. If you remember, Obama slammed Bush, calling it “unpatriotic.”

Deficit spending does not work. We must get the deficit down and entitlements must be included in any discussions.

Mr Speaker; I’m going to be blunt. Conservatives were elected in 2010 to provide a real alternative to Mr Obama’s policies, which many people say are socialist. And Mr Speaker, it is neither RAAAAAACIST or hateful to say so … and frankly I’m damned tired of hearing that old, tired rhetoric.

You and others in the GOP must do more to reach out to the low-information voters(*4) who tend to vote Democratic and who mostly get their information from MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, and the NYT. This means that you and others must go on their “shows” and tell the facts … and dispute their lies. You and others in the GOP must do more to dispute the Democrats and medias’ lies.

Frankly, Mr Speaker, your recent actions have led me to consider asking for your removal as Speaker … something that is not binding, but should be quite telling.

A final word about gun control. Those two firefighters killed in the recent Rochester, NY ambush were killed by an ex-felon(*4), somebody who had no legal right to possess any firearm. More gun control is not the answer, Mr Speaker. Guns do not kill people … people do (*5). If I wanted a person dead, I could pick up a metal fork and use it. I could pick up a paper clip and use that as well (if you think I’m joking, think again.) People kill people, Mr Speaker. You and others in the GOP need to slam these Democrats and their tools in the media for using firearms as scapegoats.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Aren't You Sick?

Aren’t you sick?

Aren’t you sick and tired of those on the liberal left who can’t debate the facts, but they can:
1)      Slander.  “They’re all RAAAAACIST!”  Don’t like Mr Obama’s policies?  “RAAAAAACIST!” 
2)      Demagogue.  Apparently, our hearts are “full of hate.”
3)      Call names & belittle.  “R U insane?  Methinks so.”
4)      Pull out the “emotional” card.  “Don’t you care?!?”  Or, “But what about me?”
I’ll be the first to admit that there are also those on the right who cannot or will not listen to other viewpoints.  We’re “wrong” if we disagree with them.  Point out the facts and you’re “looking for trouble.”  It is these people … on both sides of the aisle ... that are part of the problem.
If you wish to debate me, that’s great!  I welcome debate.  Notice please that I said “debate.”  The instant either one of us picks up any of those cards, we’ll have shown ourselves to be part of the problem.  And if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I pride myself on being part of the solution.
It’s actually quite sad in that in only fifty short years we’ve gone from “Ask not what your Country can do for you; ask what you can do for your Country,” to ObamaPhone Woman.  And it’s not just her.  Several investigative reports by several local affiliates suggests that 10% (1 out of every 10) of people with these “free” phones have not just one such device.  And not just two … but three such devices.  One woman had six … in her purse. (*4)  The FCC found that as of the production of the article, it was 250,000 people who had more than one such phone.
Guess who’s paying for those “free” phones?  You ask those that have them and you’ll be told “the government” is paying for them or that Obama is.  But where do they get the money? (*4)  Take a look at your cell bill and you’ll find the “Universal Service Fund,” and/or the “Universal Access Fee.”  That’s right … you are.
A quick note here;  these monies were originally levied by President Clinton.  The idea was that the funds were to be used for landlines and for 911 systems.  President Bush (the younger … Shrub) expanded the program to cell phones and the amount of people receiving them increased.  But it has exploded under Obama.  Feel free to look it up … Google really is your friend.  (At least for this … please don’t get me started about some of their very public snafus.)
These, of course, are the same people who can’t be bothered to read any opposing viewpoint.  Try to tell them that the Federal government is considering taking all monies out of individual 401(k) and replacing them with annuities … and they’ll say that’s not true.  Tell them it is true and point them to the articles about it, and they don’t want to see it.  (*1)
Forgive me for being dense, but part of being informed means being willing to listen to both sides of the debate.  And this is where the utter hypocrisy of the left reeks.  Try to point out the numerous things we’ve said about the healthcare law and … boy, do they have lots to say about that!
Most of them are wrong, but they still have lots to say about it!  Remember when Ms Palin was excoriated for saying that there would be “death panels?”  Well … there’s a New York Times Op-Ed that says we need such panels! (*2)
Remember when some were saying that such panels could be coming for infants?  Well … (*3)  Those are the facts.  Care to dispute them?
I was part of the problem … and I freely admit it. (*5)   I’m not proud that I was once part of the problem.  But I have since worked to become part of the solution.